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It is an undeniable fact that computers are an important tool to rule the world today. Computer technology sparks the students imagination, expands the horizons of creativity to lead them towards greater learning. Keeping this in the widen perspective APS confidently marches ahead with its network of computers.

The approach here is ‘child centered’. It is development oriented with emphasis on the child’s interaction with his environment. The main objectives at this level are the development of socioeconomic language, physical and motor aspects, creative expressions, aesthetic and cognitive skills.

  1. Assembly conducted by different houses on rotational basis
  2. Reading out of ‘thought of the day’ and ‘daily news’
  3. Students talk
  4. Teachers talk
  5. Special assembly on Wednesday by Pre-Primary classes
  6. Introduction to the drive
  7. Birthday wishes
  8. Exercise and March past
  9. Yoga and Aerobics